Clubs and Activities

Global Outreach Charter Academy recognizes the importance of nurturing the development of the whole child. A myriad of after-school activities are available which, in addition to providing guided afterschool events, cultivate self-efficacy, polish social skills, and help student become acquainted with the world in an interactive way.

As students collaborate in interest directed learning ventures, they acquire attributes including discipline, responsibility and perseverance. As our students attain these positive character traits, they ready themselves to become contributing members of their community and productive global citizens.

After school clubs provide students with the opportunities to find common interests and build relationships among the diverse members of GOCA’s student body as well as avail themselves of a variety of role models, other than their parents, who facilitate the clubs they take part in. This is an integral component in the GOCA design which recognizes that educating students with a holistic approach will better prepare them for all manner of success in the world they will encounter in high school, college and into the future.

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Clubs Pick-Up Procedure:

  • Students that are in sports clubs will be waiting for their parents to pick them up on the sports field.
  • Students that are in non-sports clubs will be waiting for their parents to pick them up from the main office side pick-up area.

Payment Procedure:

  • All clubs payment needs to be made directly to the clubs instructor, not the main office.


  • Please be advised that late pick-ups (over 15 minutes after club has ended) will be escorted to extended day care.
  • A fee of $5 will be charged to parents. (If your child is already registered in Extended Day, no additional fees will apply.)

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