Dear Parents and Students:

On behalf of the Founders, Staff and Faculty at Global Outreach Charter Academy (GOCA), I extend a warm welcome to the students, parents and community. Each year brings renewed vigor and enthusiasm as we come together to welcome new and returning faculty members and students.ANDERSON_Tangia

The Mission of Global Outreach Charter Academy is to deliver a first-class academic program that offers a unique foreign language and multicultural curriculum, empowering students to have a competitive edge in the global vision. With our mission and vision in mind, GOCA's High Fives of Success for the year are: High Expectations, High Goals, High Achievement, High Performance, and High Scores.

Education allows dreams to come true! Elementary and middle school years are very important in the advancement of our students. It is a time of discovery, as they develop new friendships, build global skills, and prepare for future endeavors. At GOCA, we will provide the nurturing and caring environment where our students are free to broaden their horizons academically, as well as, learn life skills. We look forward to their success and will celebrate their growth.

During the year, we will focus on academic excellence. We will work together to strengthen core classroom instruction through differentiation, rigor, and engaging lessons. Enhance communication with our parents by keeping them abreast of their students’ academic progress. Monitor classroom instruction and analyze data to develop professional development plans that address the needs of teachers. All stakeholders will be involved in educating our student to reach their full potential.

It is an honor to be the Principal at Global Outreach Charter Academy. The faculty and staff are dedicated to the academic achievement of every student. Global Outreach Charter Academy is a wonderful school where students who apply themselves are able to achieve academic success.

We thank you for your commitment to your child’s education and our school’s ability to develop lifelong learners.

Kind Regards,

Tangia Anderson