“The Limits of My Language are the limits of my World.”

– Ludwig Wittgenstein

GOCA Foreign Language Program


Each Global Outreach Charter Academy student is encouraged to learn new languages. Our unique Russian/ Spanish foreign language program is designed to promote high achievement of all academic content standards while developing students’ language and literacy skills.The foreign language program recognizes and promotes the value of students’ home language and culture while seeking to help students gain an appreciation and understanding of the languages and cultures of others.

Our rich and vibrant foreign language curriculum offers lessons that encourage multisensory learning through integrated interactive approach such as music and video. Age appropriate games and activities along with diverse range of cultural events are designed to take all GOCA students beyond the classroom into the real world.

Students who acquire a second or third language early in their lives usually outperform their peers in all subject areas, including math, science, logic, art, and reading. The attention to detail necessary for making distinctions between the sounds and shapes of different languages also translates into better concentration and creativity skills.