Annual Fund

Make a difference every year!

GOCA’s Annual Fund impacts many aspects of Global Outreach Charter Academy, and is the “margin of excellence” in what we aspire to do. The Annual Fund is a tangible representation of GOCA’s powerful community culture of philanthropy. This year, we would like to reach 100% parent, faculty, and staff participation, demonstrating that they believe in GOCA School and want to make a difference in each member’s experience at GOCA.

Gifts to The Annual Fund Ensure That GOCA Can:

  • Develop and execute innovative academic and athletic initiatives.
  • Enhance students, faculty and coaches with most updates resources.
  • Enrich professional development opportunities for faculty and staff members.
  • Fund technological innovations for enhanced education experience.
  • Reward and reinforce talented students through a variety of programs.

GOCA Annual Fund provides an opportunity to perpetuate GOCA’s high academic standards and diverse community offerings.

Gifts of all sizes greatly contribute to GOCA experience, remaining consistently exceptional for every student, every year. The Annual Fund is one of the foremost component of GOCA’s fundraising efforts. It delivers challenging programs, rich activities, and a broad of facilities that make GOCA a remarkable place to learn.

In short, your support helps to provide all the components of a truly exceptional educational and development experience at Global Outreach Charter Academy!
Gifts to the Annual Fund make a remarkable difference, and we count on your participation.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved with GOCA Annual Fund, please contact:

Business Development Manager:
Mrs. Milena Smolinskaya
Tel: 904-551-7104 ext.166

Thank you for your generosity and support of Global Outreach Charter Academy!