Athletic Facilities

At Global Outreach Charter Academy physical education and athletics form an essential part of academic curriculum and an important component of every GOCA student’s educational experience. The school is highly dedicated to encouraging all students to be physically active and get committed to a balanced lifestyle as the basis for sustaining a strong and clear mind and makes every effort to provide continued development and critical infrastructure for healthier generations.

Global Outreach Charter Academy features two comprehensive playgrounds and a private basketball court for younger students as an effort to create the environment that encourages enhanced learning through outdoor activities.

Additionally, GOCA’s new 17,000-square-feet stadium offers older students a competitive multi-purpose facility to serve football, soccer, baseball, softball, tennis, and other athletic programs.

The new field boasts three track lanes and a full size basketball court, which is also home turf for the proud GOCA Grizzlies. This state-of-art athletic facility is the hub for training and games, expanded physical education classes, and a wide range of after-school programs.