"Good schools, like good societies and good families, celebrate and cherish diversity."
- Deborah Meier

Celebrating Diversity

Global Outreach Charter Academy’s commitment to diversity is significant. We consider our diversity to be one of our distinctive strengths. Our mission statement calls us to embrace and celebrate our diversity, and in many ways we do.

Global Outreach Charter Academy’s approach is different. We are not interested in the kind of education that avoids or mutes differences in order to create community built upon sameness. We populate our classes with differences, and we then teach our students how to bridge them, learn from them, and enjoy them.

As expressed in the school’s mission statement and exemplified in a daily life of our School, diversity at Global Outreach Charter Academy is guided by two complementary core educational commitments:

First, we are committed to the robust development of each student’s distinctive intellectual, ethical, social, and physical capacities. Education at Global Outreach Charter Academy is a journey towards self-knowledge as we help students to discern their unique identity and come to “know themselves in the world.”

Second, we want students’ journey towards self-understanding to be complemented by an intensifying attentiveness to and concern for others, seen daily in kindness to classmates, service to our community, and an understanding of education as preparation for courageous global citizenship.