Mission of Global Outreach Charter Academy

Gifted Program

The mission of Global Outreach Charter Academy Gifted Program is to provide leadership and encourage innovation in program and curricular development, instructional strategies and support services to achieve a quality education for our high-ability students.


Global Outreach Charter Academy Gifted Program provides specialized differentiated instruction for eligible students by delivering effective and innovative strategies beyond the basic curriculum. The program challenges and empowers students to produce quality work and to become productive citizens while protecting and nurturing their unique characteristics.

What is Gifted Education?

Gifted Education defines the services and programs schools provide to meet the special needs of gifted learners. Defensible programs for gifted students must provide both acceleration and enrichment to meet the individual student needs.

How our gifted education program is implemented and what it will provide for the gifted student

Our program is a one day a week resource pull-out/enrichment.
  • Students will be provided the opportunity of regularly scheduled meetings with students who are intellectual peers.
  • The program encourages independent efforts, convergent and divergent thinking through inquiry, problem solving, and the decision making process.
  • The learning environment is set-up so instructional strategies are appropriate to the unique learning characteristics of the intellectually gifted.
  • The students will be provided opportunities for individuals and/or small groups to utilize advanced research/study skills in designing and conducting independent investigations on topics of student interest.
  • Students will acquire advanced competencies in:
    • Higher level thinking skills
    • Research skills
    • Study skills
    • Communication skills
For Information About Gifted Education Contact:

Mrs. Diana Overby
Gifted Teacher
Email: doverby@gocacademy.com
Tel: 904-551-7104 Ext. 186