Global Visitors

As a truly international school whose mission is to prepare students to become global leaders, GOCA’s doors are always open to welcome guests from literary every corner of the world. From industry leaders, community influencers, to performers and musicians, to world famous beauty pageant winners- all from different parts of the world- GOCA’s heart is to welcome every single person who can share their experience and knowledge with the entire school community. These leaders exemplify what it takes to become a leader in its true meaning.

Such visits are encouraged as they demonstrate the power of education, commitment, hard work and faith- factors contributing to the success of a true leader. Visits by such role models leave a significant impact on students’ perceptions and attitudes, and we truly believe that these experiences will spark the enthusiasm and zeal among our students.

Not only we love inviting people and companies to bring their experience to the school community, we actively seek for opportunities to take students to learn new experiences. Our school proudly participates in many international festivals, contests, and competitions. We sincerely hope that these experiences will enable our learners to become more open-minded, audacious, creative, and innovative.

GOCA Welcomes Famous Folklore Legend
Girgoriy Gladkov