“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.”

Frank Smith

GOCA Advantages

Global Outreach Charter Academy is the first charter school in Duval County specializing in foreign languages. GOCA emphasizes the study of difficult foreign languages at an early stage. Children who study foreign languages have been shown to have an increased cognitive advantage over their monolingual peers throughout their lives.

Students who acquire a second or third language early in their lives usually outperform their peers in all subject areas, including math, science, logic, art, and reading. The attention to detail necessary for making distinctions between the sounds and shapes of different languages also translates into better concentration and creativity skills.

Global Engagement

All GOCA students are inspired to acquire a global vision to succeed in an ever changing world. GOCA students gain a greater global perspective through the broad selection of courses, the presence of students from around the world, along with the opportunities to participate in international programs such as:
* Foreign Exchange Student Program
* International Field Trips


  1. Tuition Free Public Charter School
  2. Foreign Language Program K-8
  3. Early High School Program
  4. Foreign Exchange Student Program
  5. International Field Trips
  6. Efficient Class Sizes
  7. After School Clubs & Activities
  8. Extended Day Programs
  9. SACS-CASI Accreditation
  10. Advanced Technology Classrooms