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July 25, 2016

La Vida Latina: Global Outreach Charter Academy Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month


Global Outreach Charter Academy’s commitment to diversity is significant. In fact, diversity is considered to be one of the school’s distinctive strengths. The mission of Global Outreach Charter Academy calls to embrace and celebrate diversity, and in many ways it does.

During National Hispanic Heritage Month Global Outreach Charter Academy would like to honor the culture of Hispanic Americans in recognition of their contributions and the important presence to the United States and celebrate their heritage together.

The intention is to help demonstrate, in ways large and small, how Hispanic-Americans have helped shape the United States and make it the diverse and dynamic nation it is today.

Under the guidance of GOCA’s Dean of Students, Señora Padilla, students will be encouraged to embrace the beauty of the Hispanic culture through exploring national cuisine, watching educational videos to examine the diversity of the Hispanic identity, discovering folk music, dance, and poems to explore the richness of Hispanic Art and Literature, and researching on famous Hispanic and Latino American people.

On Saturday, October 10th from 11 a.m. till 2 p.m. Global Outreach Charter Academy will host an open event, Hispanic Heritage Fiesta. All visitors will have a unique opportunity to indulge in the goodness of delicious tacos and crispy nachos, refresh with sparkling pina colada and delight in national deserts like tres leches, pastelitos and flancocho. Guests will have an amazing experience of trying free Zumba class, participating in best “Sombrero” or best Spanish costume contests, free face painting, obstacle course and jumping houses to celebrate this great culture with bright decorations, endless family activities, live Latin music and more!

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