International Field Trips

Rooted at the heart of its mission, Global Outreach is deeply committed to make a change in the community by fostering an environment which bring opportunities to raise a generation of leaders with a global perspective.
To be able to embrace new cultures, our school’s development department has developed a network of partners around the world. Our students have one-of-a-kind opportunities to visit countries like Germany, France, Malta, Spain, United Kingdom, Israel, and many more.

In 2017, our school has secured a valuable partnership with China which allows 10 top students and 2 nominated teachers to visit this a majestic country for 9 days, completely free of charge to both students and teachers, every year. Students get to see a variety of middle schools in China, meet Chinese peers and make new friends, visit local attractions, and enjoy the beauty of this ancient rich civilization

GOCA Students Visit China

Europe Trip 2015

Europe Trip 2017