At the heart of Global Leadership Programs that GOCA is continuously developing and growing is our passion to create an environment that enhances leadership opportunities to our students, teachers, and parents by facilitating cultural exchange experiences to the entire school community. We truly believe that leaders with the global vision are created by continuous exposure to the vast diversity of today’s global community. Our leadership programs cultivate diplomacy and intercultural understanding between people of all ages and nations.



GOCA’s cultural programs are designed to offer authentic unique educational, recreational, and cultural life-time experiences. Cultural exchange programs allow GOCA students to experience world countries first-hand through home-stay exchange programs …


International Field Trips

Rooted at the heart of its mission, Global Outreach is deeply committed to make a change in the community by fostering an environment which bring opportunities to raise a generation of leaders with a global perspective.
To be able to embrace new cultures, our …


Global Visitors

As a truly international school whose mission is to prepare students to become global leaders, GOCA’s doors are always open to welcome guests from literary every corner of the world. From industry leaders, community influencers, to performers and musicians, to world…