Values and Expectations

  • We seek to promote an environment that emphasizes fair play, integrity, sportsmanship, learning and overall health and wellness for a purpose-driven life.
  • We believe that physical education and athletic programs should be seen as a complement to, enhancement of, and an integral component of academic and social life of every Global Outreach Charter Academy student.
  • We expect our students to participate in a range of physical education and athletic experiences appropriate for their age and a stage of development.
  • We value health and developmental benefits derived from participation in a broad range of physical activities.
  • We strive to maintain a balanced and diverse culture that promotes both academic and athletic excellence fostering intellectual, physical and personal development of each GOCA student.
  • We expect student athletes and athletic teams to play and to win. While victory is by no means our only measure of success, it forms a benchmark for excellence that we strive for in all of our endeavors.