Dear  Friends,

Welcome to Global Outreach Charter Academy!

This year, our school is celebrating its 10th anniversary. This journey has been exciting with many great accomplishments to share with our school community. As soon as our family immigrated to the United States from Ukraine, it has been our dream to open the school where students would be able to learn foreign languages and discover the world of global opportunities. Then a dream, it turned into a vision and then a reality.

I Am the Dream

It all started back in 2000 when we opened our first schools in Sacramento, CA. These schools, known as Community Outreach Academy, grew from 70 to 900 students in the first three years and received the “Best School of the Year” Award.

Being inspired, our family then decided to move to Jacksonville, Florida and continue the success by providing a safe and stimulating learning environment filled with joy, encouragement, and excitement. In 2009, we opened doors to our first 230 students here in Jacksonville, FL. Quickly, the school grew to its full enrollment capacity of 805 students. This year, we will welcome over 1,100 students. In August 2020, we will open our doors to our first high school students.

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